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Key Figures

Total area: 60 ha
Office space: 1,2 million m2
Number of companies: 1,500
Number of towers: 11 completed and 5 under development
Number of employees: 120,000

About the business district

Moscow International Business Center “Moscow City” is a unique business district that has no analogs in Moscow and Russia itself. From transport and energy infrastructure to the cultural environment, it comprises the vision of future multifunctional urban complex tailored for business and life.

Originally designed to accommodate local and international companies, today Moscow City combines offices, retail & entertainment, and apartments occupying 11 venues. Five remaining towers are expected to enter the market by 2024 with the increase of the daily residents and visitors to 300,000 people.

Moscow City’s futuristic architecture perfectly complements the capital’s multifaceted urban landscape. Started at the turn of two centuries, under the symbolic name of Reform, it was launched by Tower 2000 located on the right bank of the Moskva River. Since 2017, MIBC Moscow City hosts Europe’s tallest high-rise – The East Building of the Federation Tower Complex 374 meters (1,227 ft).

About managing company

Established in 1992 CITY PJSC is a specialized management company assigned by the Moscow government to manage Moscow International Business Centre “Moscow City” as a business unit with a special status. For 20 years now, PJSC CITY has been responsible for the development, management, and usability in MIBC Moscow City.

We see our mission in developing Moscow City as a place of urban attraction and a benchmark for international business districts in terms of convenience, functionality, and lifestyle.