Evening & Night Time Economy of Dublin. What comes next?

What are the best ways to revive the hospitality and entertainment sectors?


The hospitality and entertainment sectors have been hardest hit during the pandemic. These activities are core the Evening & Night Time Economy (ENTE) of business districts. Have they been irreparably damaged? What is the way back? These industries depend heavily on tourism: what is the future of tourism in the post-pandemic period? What are the best ways to revive them? Can the transformation of offices into housing become a means to breathe life into our territories?

Experts from Dublin, representing the tourism, hospitality and entertainment sectors, will try to find answers to these questions and imagine what nightlife will be like in the business district after the end of the health crisis.

Questions for the panel

  • People have not visited the city after dark since the pandemic commenced.
    + How do we convince people that it is safe to visit the city after dark post pandemic?
  • With increased environmental awareness, will tourist numbers reach previous levels or will international travel be a casualty of the pandemic?
    + Is it appropriate to limit the use of private residences for tourism/business purposes?
  • There is considerable discussion of increased residential use in Dublin city centre and that large retail buildings should be converted to residential use? Will this create tensions with the ENTE? If so, how can these tensions be managed?
    + Can these premises be adapted for ENTE uses?
    + To what extent is ENTE linked to other business sectors in the city e.g. retail/office?
    + How can the city’s economic eco-system be strengthened?
  • Is increased use of the public domain by ENTE businesses appropriate or should the outside space allocated to businesses be reduced as the pandemic resolves?
    + Is the allocation of public space to private business appropriate for a city such as Dublin
    + Should the core city centre be pedestrianized?
    + Are there policy considerations in this regard?



Paul Keeley Director, Failte Ireland
Maureen Kennelly Director, Arts Council
Pol O Conghaile Travel Writer, Journalist
Mark Paul Business Journalist
Richard Guiney CEO, Dublin Town


Col Campbell Managing Director, Bewleys