Membership benefits

As a member, you will be part of the professional ecosystem uniting the business districts, managing companies, urban authorities, and experts

In order to create conditions for an enriching professional exchange and to form the most diversified ecosystem focused on the development of the business districts attractiveness, we have provided several categories of membership.

+ Business District Member 

Organizations, companies, or institutions representing the most important global business districts which accumulate enough economic, human, and real estate assets to be considered as influential places at the metropolitan and national levels through :

  • the concentration of high-rise buildings and offices buildings
  • the concentration of employees, residents, visitors and other types of public involved in the life of the territories
  • the development of a major transports hub

+ Patron Member 

Small, medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), corporations, and other organizations, supporting the GBD Innovation Club activities by their donations.  

+ Affiliate member

Non-profit, educational, research, scientific etc. organizations and institutions which support the GBD Innovation Club by their expertise, their experiences, their network and who contribute to make public their actions.

+ Advisory member

Experts and researchers in areas related to urbanism, engineering, architecture, smart technologies, new forms of business development, innovations etc., offering their professional expertise and points of view which can help the realization of the GBD Innovation Club projects.

Why become a member?

Your GBD Innovation Club membership will allow you to:

  • be at the forefront of the first professional non-profit association of global business districts
  • access contacts of leaders of global business districts from America, Asia, Europe…
  • get a placement on the GBD Innovation Club website with your logo, news and topical articles on the Insight Blog
  • participate in webinars in order to share with GBD Innovation Club members
  • get your invitation to the annual Learning Expedition gathering members and stakeholders of the ecosystem
  • access a range of studies
  • take part in co-design processes to drive meaningful transformation to your territory
  • develop a new strategic vision in step with the challenges of XXIst century
  • be aware of the world’s most innovative solutions 
  • launch trends on your territory and anticipate your users’ and clients’ needs
  • improve visibility and attractiveness on a global level
  • immerse yourself in the professional network at the highest levels