Collaborative Platform

A practical tool to present the GBD Innovation Club, their members, meet, share good practices, and discuss common issues.

The platform is not only the website presenting the GBD Innovation Club and their members but also a practical tool allowing members to e-meet, to share experiences and good practices.

From 2021 GBD Innovation Club will provide the collaborative platform to its members. It gives exclusive opportunities for each member to establish contact with worldwide partners and to experiment, and compare solutions to common challenges.

The GBD Innovation Club collaborative platform will allow its members to exchange, debate and benchmark with professionals from same fields of activity, represented in 10 different knowledge groups and share the experience and innovative methods with counterparts in :

  • Urban planning and land use projects
  • Tall buildings architecture, engineering
  • Mobility and accessibility
  • Human, social, functional mixity
  • Management, security and maintenance
  • The cultural animation of the territory
  • The promotion of the territory
  • The management and design of working spaces
  • Work organisation and quality of life at work
  • Trends shaping the future of global business districts