GBD Innovation Club launches the website!

July 28, 2019 2mn
GBD Innovation Club is proud to introduce its new website.

GBD Innovation Club is proud to introduce its new website. This webplatform has been designed to become a comprehensive digital hub and the pivotal point of GBD Innovation Club representation online.

With its easy navigation and efficiently organized content, the GBD Innovation Club website provides an enhanced experience to its visitors, whatever their access point is ‒ from a desktop or any mobile device.

The website proposes the general information about the GBD Innovation Club, its mission, objectives, events, and members’ information as well.

The Insight blog section presents the materials telling about innovative solutions implemented on the territories of world business districts, offers business-cases and also interviews with the representatives of global business districts, its managing companies, city and public authorities and experts working in related fields.

“We are excited to present our website to the public. We have designed this platform so that it becomes a window on the GBD Innovation Club world for colleagues from all around the world, and the best stage to showcase the knowledge and solutions for sustainable innovation of global business districts,” said the representatives of the GBD Innovation Club Executive Committee.

Stay tuned!