The GBD Innovation Club Learning Expedition 2020

June 26, 2020 2mn
Leaders of global business districts will gather in Paris La Défense for a three-day event focused on Sustainable Innovation

Leaders of global business districts, business districts managing companies, urban planning authorities and all their stakeholders will gather in Paris la Défense, France, for a fast-paced trip:

Learning Expedition 2020 “Embracing Sustainable Innovation”, October 28-30, 2020

Those 3 amazing days will enable us to immerse in the latest urban trends, meet the key players of Paris La Défense business district – from innovative startups to the local authorities – to learn from their practices, visit unique places of innovation, get in touch with the GBD Innovation Club network, and exchange and benefit from immersion in the ecosystem.

During the Learning Expedition, leaders of global business districts will gather and take part in learning sessions, co-thinking workshops and special tours.

Global business districts all share the same ambitions of becoming attractive areas which offer a healthier more sustainable and resilient urban environment, where one can “work, live, study and play”.

In the context of the challenging period we are currently overcoming, we must be agile, united and adapt ourselves. As strong players in the world’s economy, global business districts take into account evolving needs resulting from the Covid-19 crisis, turn to new ways of working, investing and socializing.

How can global business districts be pioneers in sustainable innovation? How can they step into a strong-willed policy realization? How can they rebound facing the global health crisis? How can they transform this changing world into a new opportunity?

Thanks to a ground-breaking collaboration, we’re going to imagine together the global business district of tomorrow: healthy, attractive, smart, connected, green and competitive.

Let’s debate the topic Embracing Sustainable Innovation for the world’s grand re-opening.