Webinar members #2: Special presentation of the 2020 Attractiveness of Global Business Districts Report

July 27, 2020 2mn
EY Consulting introduced the report to the GBD Innovation Club members. Discover the replay!

July 16, 2020, EY Consulting introduced the 2020 Attractiveness of Global Business Districts Report to the GBD Innovation Club members. They had the opportunity to ask questions to Vincent Raufast, Senior Manager of the consulting company.

Then our members who were present discussed the issues surrounding the attractiveness of the business districts and future trends (particularly following the Covid-19).

On this occasion, the webinar participants were as follows (in the order shown in the photo):

  • Aude-Laurent, Head of Corporate and International relations, Paris La Défense
  • Michael Edwards, President & CEO, Chicago Loop Alliance
  • Kalindi Parikh, Director of Planning, Chicago Loop Alliance
  • Maria Tserevitinova, Development Department Director, MIBC Moscow
  • Emile Roux, Executive Director, Montreal Destination Centre-ville

Discover the video of the second GBD Innovation Club webinar:

Many topics were discussed, including the indicators that make business districts attractive:

  • + Ability to attract and retain talent
  • + Proximity to markets, customers and partners
  • + Quality of the urban environment
  • + Local and global influence
  • + Adapted and innovative real estate supply

Commissioned by the GBD Innovation Club and carried by EY and the Urban Land Institute, the study has analysed 21 business districts, based on 40 indicators and the views of 350 professionals worldwide.