Festival of National Cuisine SCO-Beijing CBD

December 27, 2021 4mn
Beijing CBD Has Its “Ambassador’s Cuisine” to Be Kept in the Special Menus of Eight Restaurants

Recently, Festival of National Cuisine SCO – Beijing CBD was launched in Beijing CBD. The SCO Secretariat and ambassadors of member countries to China came to eight restaurants in the core zone of Beijing CBD such as China World Trade Center, Beijing Yintai Centre, and the CP Center, to make their hometown cuisine which will remain in the the special menus of the restaurants in Beijing CBD. In the future, Beijing citizens can taste the authentic cuisine of countries along the Silk Road without going abroad.

The year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the SCO and the 20th anniversary of Beijing Central Business District Administration Committee.  Beijing Central Business District Administration Committee and the SCO jointly hosted the Festival of National Cuisine SCO – Beijing CBD. “We carefully selected eight restaurants in commercial buildings, taking into account not only the restaurant characteristics, but also the tastes and customs of the corresponding countries.” said Head of Beijing Central Business District Administration Committee. Ambassadors from different countries will make their local delicacies in restaurants. Five-finger Noodles, Roti Prata, Curry Chicken, Rice Fried with Mutton…Every “Ambassador’s Cuisine” carries the cultural characteristics of its country.

A Chaoshan-style restaurant in Beijing CBD welcomed international friends from Uzbekistan. In addition to cooking the Pilaf in person, they also explained the food culture on the spot, “Our country holds the Pilaf Festival every year. Representatives from different regions gather to show their cooking skills and entertain guests with delicious food…”

One should return as good as one receives. In China, a big gourmet country, Chinese chefs in the eight restaurants also cooked special cuisine on the spot, such as Fried Mutton Dumplings, and Scrambled Eggs with Caviar and Tomatoes, for foreign friends to taste.

This Festival of National Cuisine SCO – Beijing CBD kicked off Beijing CBD International Consumption Festival. The latest Research Report on the Vitality of Beijing Business Circles released by Beijing Municipal Commerce Bureau shows that in 2021, Beijing CBD Business Circle surpassed Wangfujing Business Circle and Sanlitun Business Circle, ranking first in five dimensions, namely, market performance, attractiveness of operators, activity of consumption ability, and activity of innovation and activity at night. With more than 30% of first stores in Beijing, it has the largest number of first stores in Beijing. The upcoming Beijing CBD International Consumption Festival will integrate regional resources, focus on the launch of Beijing’s first stores and the Chaoyang brand, and create an exclusive business card of the city for international consumption, to help Beijing to build itself into a city of an international consumption center.

The official WeChat account “Window of Beijing CBD” will release the Restaurant Guide for Ambassador’s Cuisine in Beijing CBD soon. (Photos are provided by Beijing Central Business District Administration Committee).

Source: Beijing Daily | Reporter: Zhu Songmei Correspondent: Zhao Lei December 21, 2021