How The East Cut and Montreal Destination Centre-Ville are getting their economy back on track?

July 28, 2020 1mn
After the lockdown, Montreal and San Francisco have launched two great initiatives that are enabling downtown merchants to rebound

The tourism industry has suffered greatly from the lockdown. The global business districts of San Francisco and Montreal have created solutions to valorize and support their restaurants, shops and stores.

+ East Cut Eats is a volunteer-driven and free neighborhood delivery service to residents of the East Cut. With the goal of showcasing the impact supporting local merchants has on the small business community in The East Cut, volunteers and East Cut CBD staff collaborated with resturants on its area.

+ Montreal Destination Centre-ville has launched its ultra-fast personal assistance and delivery service, Génie Centre-ville. Like the Genie of the lamp who fulfills all the wishes, Genie centre-ville will shop and deliver products and services from downtown Montreal to the user’s doorstep.

Here are two great initiatives that are enabling downtown merchants to rebound. These digital services are available on social networks or via websites.