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Key Figures

Total area: 11,500 ha
Office space: 3,750,000 m2
Number of companies: 2,500 businesses
Number of employees: 50,000

About the business district

DublinTown BID is the collective voice of businesses in Dublin city centre, working to create a better city experience for all. The district is 2.5km long and 1.5km at its widest point and is the home of 2,500 businesses. The role of Dublin Town is to increase footfall and to enhance the city experience for visitors, residents and city workers. It achieves this through strategic planning and interventions as well as operational activities.

The 21st Century has brought monumental residential and commercial towers juxtaposed with iconic San Francisco landmarks such as Klockars Blacksmith, the Sailor’s Union of the Pacific, and the Bay Bridge. If you stroll around the East Cut neighborhood today, amid the hustle-bustle you’ll discover intimate public spaces featuring world-class public art along with surprise views of the Bay sparkling in the sunshine.

Strategic Planning
Dublin One

The Dublin One project arose from research conducted between 2013 and 2014, which indicated that the city’s northern commercial core was most vulnerable to changes in how people shopped and the rise in on-line retail. Working with Dublin City Council and with assistance from the American Institute of Architects a plan was devised to future proof the district.

Sociable City
Building on Dublin’s status as Ireland’s first Purple Flag destination, Dublin Town engaged with the San Francisco based Responsible Hospitality Institute’s on its Global Cities project. This project aims to create programmes and policies to ensure safe and vibrant Evening & Night Time Economies globally.

By 2010 it was clear that the recession which begun with the banking crisis of 2008 threatened the economic survival of districts within the city’s southern commercial core. Footfall was declining and vacancy rates were in excess of 25%. Working with local businesses Dublin Town developed and promoted the Creative Quarter brand, which emphasised the diverse and unique offerings within the district. Burgeoning social media platforms were used to promote the area and engage its younger audience. This served to attract a distinct demographic to the area and in turn encourage a consistent quality offering. Footfall in the district rose dramatically and vacancy fell to the point where there was a waiting list for space that became available.

Operational Delivery
Marketing & promotion
Dublin Town promotes Dublin City Centre to the public through its website and related social media. It manages a number of festivals including the Dublin Fashion Festival, The Dublin Food and Drink Festival and Dublin at Christmas when it erects Christmas festive lighting on 30 streets.

Member Supports
Dublin Town provides training supports to its members and represents the business community on the city’s Transport and Joint Policing Committees, while influencing decisions through submissions and engagement with decision makers at a national and local level. It serves on the Central Governement Retail Forum chaired by the Minister of State for Employment Affairs and Retail Businesses.

Cleaning & Maintenance
Dublin Town offers additional cleaning services with both day and night crews.
Dublin Town works closely with An Garda Síochána (Police) in addressing Anti-Social Behaviour and works with all relevant authorities to enhance perceptions of public safety. This includes maintaining gated lanes and cleaning districts prone to mis-use.

About Managing Company

Dublin Town, Dublin city centre’s Business Improvement District was established in 2008 in reaction to the loss of trade experienced following the opening of a number of out of town shopping centres on the M50 ring. As a Business Improvement District it is, in effect, a Public Private Partnership between the city’s business community and its Municipal Authority Dublin City Council and was established in accordance with the Local Governement (Business Improvment District) Act 2006.