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Key Figures

Total area: 2,300h
Office space: 1,7 million m2
Number of companies: 8,000
Number of towers: 176
Number of employees: 307,800

About the business district

Founded in 1999, the commercial development association Montréal centre-ville brings together nearly 5 000 members located between Atwater Avenue and Saint-Urbain Street and between Sherbrooke Street and Saint-Antoine Street, making it the largest commercial development association in Canada.

Both a place of business and a tourist destination, the city center stands out for its diversity of offerings. Montreal’s downtown core manages to deftly mix business district with high-fashion shopping, gourmet food with the latest entertainment. Our territory is also home to the city’s entertainment district ‘’Quartier des spectacles’’. More than 80 cultural venues have earned Montreal the title of ‘’ Penultimate city of festivals’’.

Every day, more than 700 000 people, including tourists, workers, residents or students, crisscross the streets of downtown Montreal.


About the managing company

Montréal centre-ville’s mission is to contribute to the economic vitality and quality of life of the city center. We want to make sure our district is a clean, safe and dynamic area of international reputation, where tourists, workers and customers enjoy shopping, working and living in general. The organization’s goal is to contribute to the economic force of downtown Montreal, by focusing on the economic development, animation and promotion of the district.

Montréal centre-ville’s vision is to make downtown Montreal an inclusive and passionate city for innovation, economic development and entertainment. To be recognized as an impact partner for the development of Downtown Montreal, a world-class business and lifestyle district, authentic, lively and creative.