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Key Figures

Total area: 560 ha
Office space: 3,5 million m2
Number of companies: 500
Number of towers: 70+
Number of employees: 180,000

About the business district

After more than 60 years of existence, Paris La Défense, has become an area of exceptional development and renowned appeal.

Ranked 4th among the world’s most attractive business districts, and a showcase for the dynamism of the French economy, Paris La Défense has become an outstanding area for development.

With more than 500 headquarters of global companies (among which 15 of the Fortune Global 500), SMEs, startups, co-working spaces, 180 000 employees and 20 000 inhabitants, Paris La Défense is also home to the tallest and most iconic towers in France: Coeur Défense, EDF, First … including more than 30% of Grade A buildings.

In the middle of its modern landscape, on the pedestrian slab, more than 70 works of art enliven this frame. Among the most important are Alexander Calder’s Stabile, a 15-meter tall sculpture; The Monumental Fountain by Yaacov Agam; Two Fantastic Characters by Joan Miro; The Takis Basin with its 49 fiery lights perched on top of springs… The main monument of La Defense is the spectacular Grande Arche, a masterpiece inaugurated in 1989 by the architects Johan-Otto Von Spreckelsen and Paul Andreu.

Paris La Défense gathers the largest shopping mall in Europe (245 000 sq m) – Les Quatre Temps -, a great variety of restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, and open air events that create cheerful and friendly atmosphere.
Inaugurated in October 2017 by a concert of the Rolling Stones, Paris La Défense Arena is the largest indoor concert hall in Europe, that welcomes up to 40 000 people for diversified events like sport (rugby, moto cross…), concerts (Rolling Stones, Pink, Roger Waters..) and corporate events.

The future of Paris La Défense lies in diversification, making the business district a lively and welcoming community, delivering on its aspirations.

About managing company

Paris La Défense, a local public authority, brings together planning and management skills, allowing to continue the evolution of the La Défense district and to stay attractive for all users.
Created to rise to the essential challenges of modernizing and transforming the business district, it fulfills the public development and management functions necessary to move forward on strategic priorities:

  • + promote diversity and enhance the district’s position as a true economic, residential and social hub;
  • + continue the urban transformation;
  • + offer high-quality services and a premium client experience;
  • + open the district up to experimentation;
  • + strengthen appeal on the world stage.