Climate Neutral Innovation District: Glasgow City Innovation District's Experience

Glasgow experts will share more information about Glasgow City Innovation District ecosystem and details of an ambitious project to create a 100% renewable climate neutral and climate change resilient area within the district


Glasgow City Innovation District is a hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, and collaboration. It builds on Scotland’s rich tradition of scientific excellence and industrial collaboration.

Bringing together ambitious, forward-thinking people, the District is tackling societal and global challenges and driving inclusive economic growth.

Located in the heart of Glasgow City Centre, the District is home to many innovative companies and organisations who’ve located here to nurture and accelerate growth, improve productivity, and access world-class research and technology from the University.

As part of the development of Glasgow City Innovation District, the University of Strathclyde is leading an ambitious project to a 100% renewable climate neutral and climate resilient area within the district. The project, leading by Dr Roddy Yarr form the University of Strathclyde, aims to integrate heat, power, transport, climate adaptation and wellbeing solutions that will benefit everyone in the area of the Innovation District.

Join the conference to hear more about this ambitious project and how the city will utilise a ‘whole systems’ approach to  enable a large-scale transition to a more sustainable and climate ready Innovation District.

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The Panel Themes

  • Building momentum for Glasgow City Innovation District
  • Glasgow City Innovation District’s Innovation Ecosystem
  • The importance of using innovation in becoming more sustainable
  • Innovative measures to support use of local natural and physical resources