The Cycle of the GBD Innovation Club Local Conferences

April 6, 2021 4mn
A series of conferences organized by GBD Innovation Club and aimed at giving a voice to representatives of the global business districts and local experts

The end of one world is not the end of the world. Instead of predicting the end of the business district’s epoch, we believe the current health crisis is a unique opportunity to reset the global business district.

We can use this moment to imagine its new model: more inclusive, sustainable, green and healthy. What kind of issues are at the heart of this rebalancing? A new mode of work and professional interaction, talent acquisition and real estate economics evolution?

We’ll roll out different views from some of the top minds in global business districts management and experts in related fields in the cycle of conferences over the next few months.

Each web conference is focused on a specific topic on the common theme – economic, social and cultural recovery after the health crisis.


  • Share diverse experiences
  • Identify local innovative ideas
  • Meet local experts
  • Scale up ideas with a view to their appliation in the areas
  • Inspire and be inspired


  • + Zoom
  • + Duration: 1h30
  • + Method: round tables, conferences, etc.
  • + Target group: representatives of business districts (members and non-members), media, experts in related fields