Chicago Loop Alliance and its Street Ambassadors: how does it stay connected to its users?

May 5, 2020 4mn
Faced with covid19, discover the Chicago Loop Alliance action plan

The Loop has seen 80-percent declines in pedestrian activity compared to this time in 2019, so we know Governor Pritzker and Mayor Lightfoot’s shelter in place order is being taken seriously,” said CLA President and CEO Michael Edwards. “But there are still essential workers on the street, and our priority is their safety.”

Part of Chicago Loop Alliance’s responsibility in managing State Street is scheduling weekly power washings of the sidewalks. Now that the spread of COVID-19 is a worldwide concern, cleaning providers are doing their part to curb the spread by disinfecting State Street’s sidewalks, trash cans, and other infrastructure in the public way.

As pedestrian activity on State Street dramatically declines, the work of Chicago Loop Alliance’s State Street Ambassadors has shifted from hospitality to cleaning and disinfecting. The Ambassadors, recognizable by their bright yellow clothing, have been deemed essential during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent stay at home order from Governor Pritzker.

Another major part of the Street Ambassadors’ work is connecting people experiencing homelessness with the services they need—a task that is more urgent than ever during the pandemic. Since the Street Team is on State Street seven days a week, this face-to-face contact allows the Ambassadors to get to know the specific needs of each individual and develop relationships over daily contact.

What do you think of the establishment of ambassadors with multiple functions on a business district (social contact, cleaning, surveillance, information relay, etc.)?

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