Standing together to change the world

April 29, 2020 2mn
Faced with covid19, global business districts, standing together, are putting themselves into question & attempting to reinvent themselves

For the first time contemporary society is facing a crisis which is neither financial nor geo-political, but health-related.  This ordeal which is impacting the entire world’s population is leading to new visions and new perspectives: the places where business takes place are empty, their skyscrapers are unlighted, workers are at home. These changes–which make everyone apprehensive–are putting certain of our fundamentals on the table.

Faced with this exceptional situation, global business districts are putting themselves into question, attempting to reinvent themselves in order to evolve in the new world that awaits them.  The members of the GBD Innovation Club are working hand in hand to make progress on a number of issues confronting the actors in this ecosystem:

  • + Managing the heath crisis: fighting the virus, helping those most in need, preparing the end of the lockdown
  • + Offering workspaces that are conducive to both productivity and employee well-being: comfortable, pleasant, serviced work areas, conducive to good social relations
  • + Supporting the hotel and restaurant sector along with actors in tourism in general
  • + Encouraging real estate and investments and development projects
  • + Accelerating initiatives in favor of the environment: energy efficiency, mobility, greener cities, etc.

Through a series of articles the GBD Innovation Club will explore various undertakings of its members in the struggle against the virus and to devise the solutions which will forge the business districts of tomorrow.

A must-read, discover the action plans of GBD Innovation Club members: