Moscow City Talks: the way to support business and build local community in difficult times

June 18, 2020 2mn
Faced with covid19, Moscow City has lauched online talks to support business and build local community in difficult times

Moscow City Talks was launched online in April 2020 to bring together Moscow City business residents during the pandemic and global crisis. It is aimed to focus on business topics and cases and find joint solutions. Every week the MIBC Moscow team meet online with various business representatives to discuss the pressing questions and find the solutions together. They share life hacks, how to overcome the difficulties and find new business opportunities.

In 10 weeks, the team has already released ten issues. Every issue is a great challenge, but is really vital for our community. The top management of restaurant business, financial and service sector, retail and tourism have already been Moscow City Talks guests.

“Creating Moscow City community that unites business-residents, residents and guests has always been a priority for us. Businesses have suffered the most during the pandemic, and we realise the importance of supporting them today. An open dialogue helps to move forward and discover new ways for development. After the end of the pandemic and the quarantine, we plan to shift online meetings to an offline format as well”, – said Maria Tserevitinova, Development Director of PJSC Сity.

During the quarantine months many business-oriented projects moved online. But the MIBC Moscow team was looking for a format that will stand out due to the personal approach to the business inside Moscow City. Among the business districts in Russia, the team can safely call it an absolutely unique and useful project. This project was a non-budget launch that has a brilliant outcome. Thanks to information partners, the largest online business media, MIBC Moscow team was able to widely cover the project and attract the relevant audience. The primarily OTS reached 80 mln people.

There are still a lot of new topics ahead and the team is focused on developing new community channels and a local media hub based on Moscow City Talks till the end of 2020.

What do you think about launching videos to give a voice to businesses and help them?