AUDA Achieves HQE Aménagement International™ Certification for Casa Anfa

February 6, 2024 4mn
AUDA announces the attainment of HQE Aménagement International™ certification for the Casa Anfa

AUDA announces the attainment of HQE Aménagement International™ certification for the Casa Anfa, encompassing its launch phases and initial analysis. This recognition underscores AUDA’s dedication to sustainable development and excellence in responsible urban planning.

Through a comprehensive evaluation audit conducted by CERTIVEA, AUDA’s commitment and accomplishments have been duly acknowledged, from the project’s inception to its ongoing successes. The Stage 1 and 2 certification of the HQE International Development Reference™ is a testament to AUDA’s success in promoting sustainable and innovative development practices for the Casa Anfa.

This achievement highlights AUDA’s ability to unite diverse stakeholders through a collaborative, coordinated, and partnership-oriented approach. By fostering a collective commitment to sustainable urban development, AUDA ensures the delivery of the highest quality services, ultimately enhancing the overall life experience of users of the Casa Anfa site.

The significance of the Casa Anfa project extends beyond its local impact, positioning itself as a cornerstone for the city’s development and the region’s international recognition. The inclusion of Anfa Park at the center of the project, functioning as an island of greenery open to the public, underscores the project’s commitment to environmental sustainability and community well-being.

An integral part of this commitment is the conservation, renovation, and revitalization of all existing buildings, contributing to the cultural and historical continuity of the project. Moreover, the integration of energy self-consumption through photovoltaic panels demonstrates innovative approaches to sustainable energy practices, setting a benchmark for future urban development.

With a comprehensive approach to sustainable urban planning, Casa Anfa transforms the cityscape and serves as a global model, reflecting principles of environmental consciousness, community engagement, and innovative urban design.