Chicago Loop Alliance welcomes everyone back!

September 9, 2020 1mn
With the aim of reconnecting its users to the city's public spaces, Chicago Loop Alliance launched the campaign "Everyone's Neighborhood"

The Chicago Loop Alliance team is doing everything possible to make the neighbourhood healthy and safe. This summer, with the aim of reconnecting its employees, residents and students to the city’s public spaces, Chicago Loop Alliance launched the campaign “Everyone’s Neighborhood”

“The Loop is where we gather; whether that’s to enjoy Millennium Park or to show elected officials what democracy looks like, we’re proud that Chicagoans from every neighborhood see the Loop as a place for coming together,” said Chicago Loop Alliance President and CEO Michael Edwards. “Based on interactions we’ve had on social media and with our membership, people missed the Loop in ways they didn’t expect during the state’s stay at home order. We now realize that home isn’t just the place we sleep, but the restaurants, shops, offices, schools, theaters, parks, and streets we experience together.”

With all these warm messages in the streets and on social media, who wouldn’t dream of coming back in the Loop?

The lockdown completely changed the neighborhood perspective, as seen in all business districts. Third largest city in the United States by population, Chicago is a vibrant downtown with a strong community counting:

+ 3,000 companies

+ 350,000 daily workers

+ 2,8 M residents