Congratulations to Montreal centre-ville, winner of a tourism award

March 13, 2020 1mn
Montreal Destination centre-ville won a tourism award for its short-lived space "Le Petit Montréal", opened in 2019, in the hospitality category.

March 11, Tourisme Montréal’s Distinction Awards Evening took place, highlighting the achievements of Montréal businesses and players who contribute to the city’s tourist appeal.

Montreal Destination centre-ville was a candidate for its short-lived space “Le Petit Montréal” (Little Montreal), opened in 2019, in the category “Prix Accueil” (hospitality). This category is intended to reward a company that has offered concrete and innovative actions in terms of tourist reception, so that tourists who come to Montreal live a unique and unforgettable experience, thus encouraging their return to the city and maximizing tourist spending.

The whole team is proud to have won the award in the hospitality category. The mission of “Le Petit Montreal” was to “beautify” the major construction site in downtown Montreal, to maintain traffic in the area, while enhancing the visitor’s experience.