Destination centre-ville becomes Montreal centre-ville

October 26, 2020 1mn
Montreal had changed its name and visual identity to reflect all these audiences

The “Société de développement commercial du centre-ville de Montréal” (Montreal Development Society) has just launched its new name and brand image, Montreal centre-ville. “Downtown Montreal is in the midst of a transformation, it is no longer just a destination but a place to live. We had to give it an image that reflects its new attributes,” explains Emile Roux, Executive Manager of Montréal Centre-ville.

The identity had to reflect the dynamism of the sector while expressing its diversity (businesses, housing, shops, activities…). A completely redesigned logo features the organization’s new name, which sits at the heart of a three-dimensional prism evoking the geometry of the sector. Like a shop window, this prism reveals the particularities of the downtown area.

Available in two key colours – an electric blue and a bright turquoise – the identity palette embodies both the cultural and commercial dimensions of the downtown core. This new visual identity can be adapted to the different audiences, including the business community and the general public. 

While the whole city of Montreal is more than ever in reconstruction, the downtown area still has its energy. As the gateway to the city, Montreal centre-ville plays a key role in positioning Montreal as a progressive metropolis.