Casa Anfa joined GBD Innovation Club

January 21, 2020 4mn
We are glad and proud to announce that Casa Anfa joined GBD Innovation Club

We are glad and proud to announce that Casa Anfa joined GBD Innovation Club as a Patron Member.

Located in the heart of Casablanca, on the historic site of the ancient Anfa airport, Casa Anfa aims to develop a new downtown on over a total land area of about 350 hectares, enrolling in the renewal and the modernization of the urban space.

Casa Anfa accommodates a new business district, named Casablanca Finance City that will symbolize the centrality status of Casablanca. The Casablanca financial center presents a potential of 1.4 million square meters of building area including offices, housing and facilities.

Casa Anfa project is managed by Anfa Urbanization Development Agency (AUDA), a subsidiary of CDG Group. The Agency is precisely in charge of the planning project concerning the site of the old airport, to develop a new town center of the city of Casablanca. The agency acts as the general contracting authority of the project and responsible of its good achievement.

Marie-Célie Guillaume, president of GBD Innovation Club said: “I’m glad to welcome Casa Anfa among the Club’s members. I’m convinced that we face many common challenges when guiding the development of our districts. It’s important to work together and to search for the best practices, particularly in the environmental field, where we, like everyone else, have responsibilities. Our mission is to make the GBD’s territories a breeding ground for innovation, raising awareness of current issues and promoting investment in global long-term solutions, with the aim to create value not only in our own districts, but also to inspire cities worldwide.”   

“We are delightful to join the GBD Innovation Club’s growing professional ecosystem. I’m confident that the global business districts cooperation will help all of us achieve common goals by allowing to consolidate the resources and expertise, as well as compare and test best practices among international professionals and experts. I believe that bringing together our different perspectives can help us better understand how global business districts can evolve,” said Driss Essaouabi, Deputy General Director of the Anfa Urbanization Development Agency (AUDA).

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