Live out your green-thumb dreams: Agriculture in a dense urban environment

June 2, 2021 4mn
What are the overall benefits of urban agriculture in a highly urbanized environment?

The plant-it-yourself movement in San Francisco, and the rest of the world, has never been more critical. A community garden can bring a wide range of benefits – from connecting people with each other to growing fresh food to enjoy. It’s a place to relax, a way to engage with nature, meet others and get active outdoors for GBD users. From the professional point of view, it’s a fruitful synergy of GBDs, cities stakeholders, urban planners, and local communities.

Experts from San Francisco talked about community gardens as a way to promote different types of use and occupation of public spaces, as an instrument to implement activism, as well as transform socio-spatial relationships at a local level in a way that might result in larger-scale future impacts. The presentation of The East Cut community garden project in details followed the discussion.


Mei Ling Hui, Director, Regional Development, San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department

Tony Birdsey, Senior Director, Tishman Speyer

Benjamin Fahrer, Owner & Regenerative Farmer, Top Leaf Farms

Mike Rieger, Deputy Director, The East Cut


Andrew Robinson, Executive Director, The East Cut

Discover the video of the GBD Innovation Club Local Conference hosted by The East Cut :