The Businesses and Their Users (R)evolution: How are Global Business Districts Adapting?

July 6, 2021 4mn
What are the innovations in terms of office conception that make possible to be closer to the expectations of companies and its employees?

Technological and cultural changes have always advanced the professional environment. The rise of start-ups, uberization of services, big data, open data, connected objects, smart building and smart office, challenges of sustainable development, new expectations of employees regarding their work environment, new user journeys at the heart of the building , flex office and desk sharing, third places ….
Accelerated by Covid-19, this transformation in recent months have had an impact on the concept of corporate real estate. Faced with the changing needs of businesses and their users, global business districts must adapt, be agile.

Global business districts are designed to be sustainable and connected. But above all, they must be more human by putting their users back at the heart of their concept. Solutions for work life balance, new communication channels. The challenge is now to offer solutions by bringing intelligence to the work environment and allowing it to “work differently”.

 What services should be provided to companies and their employees?

⇒ What are the innovations in terms of offices conception in the new towers that make it possible to be closer to the expectations of companies and to the well-being of its employees?

Experts representing the business district of Paris La Défense, the first European business district, talked to find answers on these questions.

Speakers and the panel themes

Vincent Raufast, Associate Partner, EY : “Future of Work : Corporate real estate trends”// The Future of Work Study Results

Solène Poisson, Director of Leasing & Marketing Offices continental Europe, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield: “Innovative solutions at the heart of new projects”

Victor Carreau, Co-founder & CEO, Comet Meetings: “Work Revolution : what impacts on talent attraction and company culture ?”


Pierre-Yves Guice, CEO Paris La Défese & Chairman of GBD Innovation Club

Discover the video of the GBD Innovation Club Local Conference hosted by Paris La Défense: